A fight suddenly broke out in a classroom. Ron is a strong boy with strong arms. Uriel is small but very smart and knows a lot about computers and the internet. They were originally going along together and had desks next to each other.
However, Ron suddenly punched Uriel because he didn't like the border of their desks.
The class chairman is supposed to stop this kind of thing, but he is just saying, "stop it, both of you" from the other side of the room.
Many of other classmates are giving Uriel knives, bats, rocks, and other tools necessary for fighting.
Even Jay, who is usually calm and wears glasses and had been seriously injured or even half killed in a fight before, seems to have given Uriel tools for fighting.
Although Ron has few allies, Cam, who has been receiving good grades recently, is cheering him on.
What? Wait! Wait a minute!
Aren't we supposed to be trying to stop the fight??
Aren't we just thinking about beating up the opponent?
What? No one at all?
Hmmm... something's not right?

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